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On the 27th Steam released a new update for the VR platform which in mind was already excellent as the gateway to all VR apps. This is for example where I got the fantastic Tilt Brush (see gallery).

The overall Mixed Reality experience rellies ok different hardware and software levels which make each brick a critical component. For example using steam still loads Windows Mixed Reality app that allowing anything else to be calibrated and work.

Steam has become a significant component as an independent platform/gateway to all things VR etc. covering all platforms and headsets which makes it easy to choose and organize apps and later to switch device almost seamlessly.

The understanding of Steam that anyone need support including those with limited resources is a great message to the community that allows a growth in an interface that needs many .ore users rather soon.

I believe (and wish) that Steam should pick up the glove and apply major announcement for existing hardware such as using the Mixed Reality headset camera to create a richer experience and even AR like that sure will make the introduction to new users easier.

If you have more questions about VR and related including the use if it for Product Development please let us know in the comments and fill free to always contact us directly.

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