The world of 3D printing or additive manufacturing has got a highly-advanced light-powered 3D printer that can perfectly materialize objects all at once. It’s that 3D printing has also changed in accordance with the people’s approach towards hardware design and most of the 3D printers offered in the market build objects layer by layer from the bottom up.


However, this new invention builds all at once.


It was none other than Berkeley’s Hayden Taylor who led comprehensive research on this particular device that is mechanically quite simple.


The first distinction between Taylor’s device and others is that this one scans and divides the concerned objects into slices just like a CT scanner does.


Though there are already lots of devices that support light to print, they all can afford one thin layer at a time. In this Taylor’s device, light is effectively projected into the resin and the entire objects are resolved at once. In any case, if not at once, the device will surely make sure a series of brief revolutions.


Other than its speed, there are a number of benefits of this amazing technology that include:


  • Smoothness for objects
  • More features and cavities
  • Resign cure with an existing object


The device will soon be there at every 3D printing platform and will surely be used parallel to other 3D devices being used in the market.

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