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If you take a look around the latest and modern techniques that are leading the world in 2019 from the front, you’ll find 3D printing in the top ones. Indeed, 3D printing is one of the highly advanced techniques that have successfully got the world’s attention.

According to a survey by Statista, the worldwide investment in 3D printing in 2019 will be around 14 billion U.S. dollars and it may even increase up to 23 billion U.S dollars by 2022. This shows that huge investments are being made on 3D printing or additive manufacturing across the world. Another survey by the same agency states that 3D printing is one of the most of the disruptive technologies of our age.

Why 3D Printing is the Future?

A good reason that this technology has a successful future is that it can positively impact the production of goods. As a result, it will make its way through our homes, offices, and all other sites. Whether foods or medical products, 3D printing can play a vital role in all the industries that are attached to our personal and business life.

Additive manufacturing may also play a great role in protecting our planet by getting the old materials transformed into new shapes. Last year, a research figured out that there are maximum possibilities to convert carbon dioxide into a concrete material through 3D printing. Considering this, there are possibilities that waste materials can be used to create future products.

3D printing professionals are also striving to reduce the huge energy necessities that are currently required for the process of 3D printing. They are doing this to make sure that a common man can easily create products at his home through a 3D printer. However, manufacturing companies may require service of a professional product designer because to design a manufacturing product is not a job that can be done by an unprofessional.

This particular industry may also play a major role in the fight against homelessness and hunger. Surprisingly, there are many additive manufacturers and product designers who are working on the concept of 3D food printing. They believe that they may design a 3D food printer in future that will produce customized and nutritionally appropriate food that can feed the world’s population. Home manufacturers have also started making the most of this technology in home construction and they believe that it can make the construction more efficient and cheaper in future.

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