It’s a great irony here in the US that thousands of unsafe medical devices are sold in a year. Every year, the FDA is found giving details about the unsafe medical devices being sold in the market. Last year, the department posted about more than 2000 medical devices that lead a person to a severe injury or death.

The agony is that there isn’t such global system about medical products that are sold in our country. There is no one to stop and nip unsafe products in the bud before they reach to the market. Even the devices that are prohibited to sell in other countries are being easily sold in our markets and the FDA hasn’t taken any strict action against that.

An analysis on NBC News once reported that there are at least 5 medical devices (some of the most common ones) in the US markets without any warning, while plenty others countries have termed them unsafe. These devices include knee implant, pregnancy test, dental drills, and others. All these devices can leave disastrous impacts on one’s nerves.

So many times doctors and medical experts have shown their frustration over this global failure. The advisor of the World Health Organization (WHO) on medical devices said,

“In each country they have different naming, different coding, different prepping. So that complicates everything.”

Cases against BIOMET:

A lady named Mary Lou Retton filed a case against Biomet just because a device made by this company damaged the bones of her. The metal joints damaged her bones and balls and sockets created problems for her bloodstream. In only 2013, around 2000 lawsuits were filed against the same company for selling the unsafe medical device without any safety warning. Finally in 2014, Biomet ceased selling that device.

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