The challenge today can describe with one simple word that we Product Design Companies love so much… STANDARD.

Many articles and market analysis about what is considered about Virtual Reality were written during the last few week describing how the growth is slowing down but as insiders we know better. Yes in the surface the Hipe about it is definitely slowing, people are looking for the next “gladiators fighting lions” but there is still a lot to do when it comes to developing the experience in 3 different layers: Industry Standard and definition, free tools and content creation.

All devices developers and trying different kinds of technologies when it comes to software and hardware. In order to support those devices they need to create a strong content creation environment very similar to the boom many years ago with the iOs and Android apps that spread so quick. VR is no different, when the global players will share a very quick and simple tools with anyone that wants to develop something… anything the content / apps / games…will pop up like a blooming spring morning in New England.

Google provided Cardboard including plans to print etc. for almost nothing, as a result the Daydream content today is very mature and you can trust that the top titles are actually worth the cost on top of the fact that there is a limitless amount of content to (litteraly) gaze at all night. If any of the major device players including (no special order) HTC, Ocolus, Magic Leap…wants to win the market the need to send free devices to as many content creators. This is the path to seed and grow the specific technology into a global standard. Ask any hobby 3D printer about Marlin and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

The end users wants the dream, the want to actually interact with the surrounding, I want to fly on the (dragon scene) from Avatar in the comfort of my underware standing in the middle of the living room, I want to do it with my friends all over the world, I want to compete with them, I share stories from the visit in Pandora? (not sure that’s the right name)

To summarize, the wow effect will come from the crazy poor geeks sitting in some third world territories and imagining some so crazy that even I cannot describe…let’s let them do that for humanity!


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