Hello everyone, this is a quick post trying to explain (on the fly) the idea behind the free masks offer. It’s all started with the manufacturer offering to ship those worldwide, in the beginning I didn’t know how to really handle that since it’s not really our “core business” here at GEO and I wasn’t looking to make any profit etc. but in the other hand as we all we see the news so I thought if this initiative will save even ok e soul we did something positive. The post on FB provided overwhelming amount of requests from all over the world and we are working very hard now (behind the scenes) to supply ASAP.

What’s the status: We are trying to ship y’all 2~5 masks each totally free (including delivery), We placed a nice amount of donation in order to make it happen and so far we received hundreds of request. We are looking to deliver only masks that are clear to import and certified in The States and Europe (at this point). The cost is standing now at 0.75~3 USD at the gate based on the model. We are focusing on Medical Surgical and N95. The weak link is the delivery, we don’t know if the local posts / services at your area function.

For those of you who wish to take the (small) risk related to the deliver issue I can commit that all masks will leave the factory at the day they are made (0 bio-burden). Minimum order need to be at least 50pcs. but it’s updating on a daily basis so might go up. The most you will pay for a mask (as of today) is 3$ + delivery of full box/es. As I’m not looking to make any business out of it please contact me directly on the Facebook Messenger (Yaniv Ben-Asher) and I’ll provide a PayPal account for deposit. I will use 100% if this income for the initiative and those who donate will be in the top priority. If for some reason we won’t be able to get masks etc. I will return the deposit but please be aware that as long as we managed to ship them and provided the tracking number we already paid for the masks to the factory.

Once you receive your mask/s (this is important). Please provide a feedback immediately so we can find the best path to support more people in your area and worldwide. The “big data” information is very important. Thank You

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