steam VR

Why you care about Steam VR update

On the 27th Steam released a new update for the VR platform which in mind was already excellent as the gateway to all VR apps. This is for example where I got the fantastic Tilt Brush (see gallery). The overall Mixed Reality experience rellies…

Prof. Paul Milgram, Ph.D., P.Eng. and his definition of XR

Not very often I get to write about an interview someone that is the direct source of a modern definition. Prof. Paul Milgram, pH., P.Eng. is out of an exception in more than one level since he's in charge of the complex definition of XR and… rights are reserved to GEO - Design Engineering Services INC

My first VR design experience

So few weeks I decided finally to spend the time that I don't have and explore the current design environments inside VR. Few years back I looked into the 3000$ Microsoft HoloLens and it wasn’t relevant for the obvious reasons. Since the early…

AR, VR and Mixed Reality disturbing the Mechanical Design industry

The challenge today can describe with one simple word that we Product Design Companies love so much... STANDARD. Many articles and market analysis about what is considered about Virtual Reality were written during the last few week describing…

AR assisted Surgery

GEO is part of the global effort to improve and democratize surgeries, our goal is to have same level of care all around the globe based on affordable and subscribed government and UN systems. We are currently running establishing the foundations…

Magic Leap is taking more steps into the AR content creation

Providing the content creators the opportunity to finance the devise with a 96$/mo for 2 years, that's a total of 2304$ which is slightly more that the purchase price of 2295$ ... But what would you get as part of the Creator Edition? ... …