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COVID-19 / Masks

Hello everyone, this is a quick post trying to explain (on the fly) the idea behind the free masks offer. It’s all started with the manufacturer offering to ship those worldwide, in the beginning I didn’t know how to really handle that since it’s not really our “core business” here at GEO and I wasn’t […]

Reasons Why 3D Printing is The Future

If you take a look around the latest and modern techniques that are leading the world in 2019 from the front, you’ll find 3D printing in the top ones. Indeed, 3D printing is one of the highly advanced techniques that have successfully got the world’s attention. According to a survey by Statista, the worldwide investment […]

4 Steps in Product Design Process

If you think that design a product is as simple as making a drawing, you should brace yourself to know about the difficult yet interesting process product designers and developers have to go through. The aim of product design is certainly not just to create an attractive design for an upcoming product. Rather, there are […]

Why a 3D Printer is the best Gift for Christmas

Gifting on Christmas is a custom that we have been following for ages. Every year, people go through a number of stores in order to buy unique and interesting gifts for their beloved ones. In 2018 as well, the celebrations of Christmas are going to amaze the whole world and you simply can’t miss the […]

Why You Should Hire a Product Design Firm

Whether you are a startup company or an already established one, getting a perfect design for your upcoming product is as necessary as any other important element of your business. Hiring a product design firm can be helpful for you to navigate the severe process of product design to development. Specially, when it’s the first […]

5 Effective Benefits of 3D Printing

If you talk about some of the most powerful and remarkable inventions of this modern era, you will find 3D printing with top ones. Being a promising technology, it offers tons of benefits to almost all the field across the world. Whether it’s a medicine or engineering company, everyone is making the most of this […]