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If you think that design a product is as simple as making a drawing, you should brace yourself to know about the difficult yet interesting process product designers and developers have to go through.

The aim of product design is certainly not just to create an attractive design for an upcoming product. Rather, there are various things that we have to go through in order to come up with something great for all.

Here are the 4 Steps that we, being a professional product design firm in the US, follow for the process of product design:

  1. To know Everything

In the process of product design, the very first thing that you need to do is to discover the project completely. One can only find a perfect solution when he is fully aware of the problem. Half-knowledge of the project will not make you capable of designing something unique and creative for the concerned client.

The first step that you need to take here is to get complete knowledge about the target audience. The more you know the audience, the more you will be able to design something tantamount to their interests. Moreover, you need to get the first-hand information about how the audience will react regarding a particular design. You can make use of interviews and online research options in order to know the audience.

  1. Discussion about the Findings

After the adequate rather thorough research about the audience, we, here at Geo Design Engenius, conduct an official discussion about the project, considering all the possible ways and practices. During the discussion, we keep three things in front of us; information about the audience, competitors’ analysis, and the current problems of the audience.

  1. Finding the Solutions

Once we are done from findings and adequate discussions on them, the next step that we take in our process of product design is to find the solutions. Our whole team brainstorms on solutions so that we can come up with mind-blowing ideas.

We search features that can solve the audience problems, we see the market, we do experiments with different initial designs using some small groups of people, and we do everything that can help us come up with perfect product design.

  1. Final Step

The final step is related to prototype and iterate. Using the first hand-drawn sketches, we take prints using the latest technology of 3D printing. We see them and then continue our work to develop clickable and wireframe prototypes.

In this final step, we also test the designs and modify accordingly. In last, we come up with perfect, colorful, and well-crafted product design for our clients.

Hope You enjoyed reading this blog. Do share your feedback in comments.

About Company:

GEO has been serving the product design and development industry for over 18 years, providing design services from concept to production to a variety of customers. We facilitate our clients with concept development, product design/development, and manufacturing design services.


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